Wake Board competition

Today we decided to head out to the beach. Witty's Lagoon was the site of a skim board competition. Josh has decided to learn skim boarding in the last few months. Me not so much. More or less I run, I throw the board, I take deep breath and then crumple into smaller less brave Adria and run away. After today though I'm feeling a little more inspired.

Today was my first real attempt at any kind of sporting event photography. It was fun. Blurry fun.

There were a few others there with there giant lenses. Coincidentally they were all men. Kinda creepy though, you know what they say about those guys with the big lenses...

I got some fun shots of the girls. They seem to be a little more about style and less about getting the biggest baddest jumps.

There were a few kids there too. One little guy was so enthusiastic about skim boarding he couldn't keep his clothes on. Sorry no picture.

My favorite of the day of course was Josh. I might be a little bias...