Tip #1 Baby and Maternity Photography

I was recently asked to share a few of my favorite techniques for capturing timeless pictures of new babes. As new or expecting parents you want to capture all of your specials moments with great photographs. So for the month of April I will be publishing one new tip a day to help you take great pictures of your new little bundle of joy and a few for expectant mothers too. These are tips and tricks to create photographs that will stand out from the crowd and help you get the most of your photographs from any kind of camera. Tip #1

Simple is always better. New babies and new parents can collect a lot of great things. But all those things only distract from the star of the picture. Keep babies dressed simple. Diaper covers or naked is always best.

[caption id="attachment_626" align="aligncenter" width="800" caption="Baby Eli. Photo by: islandartiste Photography www.islandartiste.ca copyright 2010"][/caption]