The Wonderful Character and Characters of the Coast

This is Port Neville, B.C. Population 3. I got the chance to meet one of those three inhabitants of this once upon a time town. Lorna has lived on this property her entire life. Her grandfather founded Port Neville with the Post office seen in this picture. The post office was the center of the fishing and logging in this area. People lived along the inlet and at one time there were a few hundred permanent residents, a school house, a store and this post office. The original homestead of Lorna's grandparents still stands. In fact it was the nicest house on the property but for some reason she doesn't live in it. Lorna lives in a mobile home which is the new post office. Population 3 but the mail still comes in and out. 

Lorna was a very interesting character. She has a very thick bush accent. She was born and raised on the same coast as myself and yet she has a pretty thick accent. Most of the coastal isolationist speak a little different. This is something I have always loved. 
 Lorna was of course delighted to see us. My father napped while she showed me around the Old post office which is now a museum gone art gallery. The woman who lives across the inlet is an artist. Her work decorates the walls. I'm not so sure i would trust the walls of that old building to house my art. The Post office building shuttered in light breezes, one strong sigh and it would gladly fall back to the earth.
Lorna obviously spends a lot of time alone and was happy to have me to her little mobile to have tea.. She told me all about her daughter who she raised at Port Neville, just the two of them.
Lorna's house was decorated with doilies and crosses and plaques with little prayers. She gave me tea and homemade cookies and we chatted. We chatted about everything and anything she was really quite a lovely lady. She fit little "bless your soul"s into our conversation everywhere. 
Once upon a time people like Lorna dotted the coastline all the way up. And my father informs me that you could be guaranteed that everyone of those people would welcome you into there home and share a cup of tea with you. Now those isolated people are few and far between but we managed to stop for a cup of tea with quite a few and Lorna was one.