Sunny Side Cannery

I could have spent all day at Sunny Side Cannery. Although in fact I've never been to Sunny Side in my life. I have these two pictures from the cannery building. Both of which I took. But the Sunny Side building isn't really where it should be anymore. Apparently years ago (I'm guessing about twenty or thirty)  when Sunny Side cannery was being dismantled, a group of people went and brought the cannery building from its original site to where it is now. No big deal right? people do that all the time. Well not quite the way these people did.

Cannery buildings are always built on pilings. Old rotten pilings in most cases. So this group of people went, by boat, probably tug boat, to tow this building away. They tied up building to the boat and took off, hauling the building off its pilings and into the water. Good thing wood floats. They towed the building from its site, half submerged in water to its new home several kilometers away. You'd never guess by looking at this building that is very settled on its new pilings in its new home and it had such a turbulent voyage.
But the real reason I could spend all day just hanging around here is because of the feeling I get when when I'm in a space just like this. This place is my childhood. To me it's magical and whimsical and full of great things.

 You can climb the walls and rafters, you can swing from the ropes that dangled from the roof, you can hide and play in all the little nooks and crannies and at the end you can stop and flop down in a net and take a nap (probably with a cat that also thinks this is a great place to nap). And this is what I did when I was young. This place still holds that magic, I just got older.
My father and his friends still use this building from Sunny Side as a workshop and boat house.