Get on 36 foot commercial fish boat, with a 12 foot x 6 foot cabin, with your father and stay there for two weeks in the middle of no where. It took a lot of courage for me to get on that boat in June, but i certainly think i have a lot to show for it. I can't really say it wasn't a hard thing for me to do, it was. It was an amazing trip and ill never forget it and so I have to share my stories and the stories I was told along my journey. My life has been spent in and around the fishing industry. My father was a fisherman and marine surveyor, my Grandfather was a ships broker and managed several canneries and my great grandfather was a fishery patrol officer. I have experienced much of the coast myself but more than that I've been surrounded by stories my whole life. My dad laughing with his friends for hours talking about the good old days, how many fish they caught on the fluke run back in 1975, stopping for a few minutes to remember someone who didn't come home from that trip. My grandfather surrounded by piles and piles of paperwork, drinking coffee till wee hours of the morning with his fisherman clients trying to make the income tax deadline. Shared moments between many people over a very strong common life, the coastal fishing life. Over the years i guess I've grown to realize that although my own experiences are very important, it's the stories I've been told that are irreplaceable. Those times where i usually just rolled my eyes because "I've heard that story so many times dad" those stories are so important and I will help to keep them going.