Some Coastal Characters

These are pictures of Theresa with her bottle collection and Rene and Peter, the caretakers of Namu. They were a great people more than willing to show me around the once thriving coastal cannery town of Namu. Rene an Theresa decided to take me out to a place called Tuna town. Tuna town was at one time a little village  of houses at the north end of Namu. It is now 4 houses are barely standing. 

This is a photo I took inside one of the houses of Tuna town. As you can see there is a beautiful skylight to let in all the natural light and of course brand new moss rugs to give that indoor outdoor feel. Rene and Theresa obviously spent quite a bit of time exploring about Namu. They knew all the little secrets. Like for instance: how to get inside this house.
This house at one time certainly had a front porch. Now all that remains is wood framing and a large pit in front of the door. So Rene and Theresa showed me just how I could swing my body (and camera gear) over the gaping pit and into the front door. Rene and Theresa had greyed hair and weathered complexions with the  spirit and curiosity of children. 
On our way back from Tuna town we walked along the beach beside the Cannery. Cannery beaches are covered in debris. Although I like to think of it as treasure and obviously so do Theresa and Rene. They have a collection of maybe one or two hundred glass bottles and jars they have found of the beach. They have vinyl records covered in barnacles, piggy banks, dollies, flower vases, salt and pepper shakers and the list goes on. Most people would probably dismiss the object on the beach as just garbage. But if you walk slowly, nose down, with a keen eye for long lost treasure, you will find endless amounts. And they do.