Social media marketting

Islandartiste is on its way. I have entered the realm on social media marketing. I am a business woman and so apparently I must conform. OK maybe all this social media is a little fun. And frankly I am a bit of a blog fiend. I love them. So why not have one of my own for all the world to see.

I actually have had this blog for a few years now. I haven't been using it all that well and it's been a secret. SHhhhhhhh. Well I have brought it out for all the people to see. Please be kind. I am prone to spelling mistakes.

One thing I love blogs for is a resource tool. You can find anything and everything you need to find on someones blog somewhere. Even the advertisements can be of use. So I intend to make this blog useful and please if you would like to put a link on page please let me know and ill see what I can do.

I will leave you with a a family photo from a recent trip to North Pacific Cannery just outside of Prince Rupert. We were all in out family hometown for the 100th homecoming celebration.

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