Marley and her Mama

Last Sunday I had a great time shooting Abbey and her seriously cute little daughter Marley. We did photo-shoot a la two year old. Marley is pretty sweet. Like most little ones introduced to a new face she sort of shied away from me at first. "Who is this person? why are they trying to photograph me? and where we????"

That of course all blows over when bring out my trusted bubbles. Poof. Instant blowing bubbles and photos and fun. However, being that she is two years old anything else we suggested the answer was of course NO! Never the less it was fun and results were seriously cute.

We didn't have anything fancy. The studio has white walls and grey floors. Great for bouncing one of the two flashes I use and that's about it. I just set up my flashes and let er rip. *click*click*click* as much as I could. Marley moves fffffffast! I think the little leotard helps her move even faster. Streamline tush.

[caption id="attachment_556" align="aligncenter" width="800" caption="If you look closely you can see she has a bubble in her hands"][/caption]

Marley's mama (aka Abbey) is a bit of a Yoga savant. She has Bikram Yoga Saanich on Shelbourne at McKenzie. So as is any daughter of yoga nut Marley can do a wee bit of yoga herself... Awwww adorable soo cute. Trying to convince her to yoga for the camera was a whole other story. What it turned out to be (climbing on her mom while she did yoga) was pretty cute too.