I am lucky to have a home town. I haven't lived there since I was a baby but i still consider it home.  My parents divorced when I was 14 and along with their marriage went our family home. My grandparents were sort of floaters. They floated between a few towns but never staying in one home for decades like you would think grandparents would do. My auntie and cousins also moved quite a bit. My uncle on the other hand has been in the same house for 20 someodd years. That home is in Prince Rupert and I love his home. My uncle's kids are his three nieces and one nephew. And for us kids that house is a constant. We all have great memories of that home. The house is 1913 Presbyterian Manse. It's a character house full of characters. Ever since my uncle moved there is has also been home to the family business. ETS Moore services and Rupert Marine Shipping. The basement floor is a great big office and to me brings back a flood of memories of the man my grandfather used to be. His little corner office still has his handwritten sticky notes on the wall and in the back is a row of his old underwood type writers. The two upstairs floors are my uncles home and full of art.

Josh and I spent this past weekend up in Rupert at my uncle's home over hauling his garden. It was a little desperate from some attention and we really did a number on it. Hopefully the deer don't eat all of our hard work.

before and after click on the picture to see what we did.

I tried to get the doggies to pose for some pictures. I would sit them down and get them all nice a pretty then back up to take the picture and they would walk off.. sniff, sniff. "what's over here?"