Have you met Epicurus?

Come stop by the cutest little plant stand there ever was.

The Emerson Epicurean. Located at 1781 Emerson street. Plant stand extraordinaire. currently featuring: Basil $1 we just put the first of the basil run out. very nice healthy plants sorrell $4.50 forsythia $8.00 White lilac $12.00 Apple Ecalyptus $2.00 Radish 6packs $2 Daikon 6packs $2 Japnaese Raddish $ 0.50 Chives sm $0.50 lg $1 Ajuga $3 Germander $3 Russian Sage $4 (only one left) Lupin $1 (only one left)

There are also some more rare plants available upon request (They are not kept at the stand) such as Hops and mature Apple Eucalyptus.