Well not me of course! If you know me you know I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. (currently wearing jeans and t-shirt)I do try a little. I make a lot of my own clothes. So I am more of a fashionista in the DIY sense. But still really tame. My friend Vickie, on the other hand, is someone to look up to in the fashion department. She runs a fashion blog Featuring herself, street fashion that she spots and links to her favorite fashion spots. Her blog is great and she just happens to be a great long time friend of mine. So of course we were destined to do a fashion photo shoot. It was a long time coming but we finally nailed down a day in Hot dry August to go out a have a little fun. Right. HOT AND DRY!!! the only day it decides to rain in August. And it really poured that day.

None the less we persevered on our fashion adventure and headed out in search of covered spots to shoot in Victoria. First and only spot is under the Gorge street Bridge. Along the Galloping Goose trail we hauled all our gear under the bridge. The bridge is all painted with a mural that I actually assisted on way back in highschool.

We got a little wet, a little droopy, maybe not the best hair day but I think we still had a great time and pulled off some colourful shots. Here's to Vickie and Adria in the rain.