Bamfield Birthday

As some of you may already know it was my 30th birthday this past Friday. They declared it a holiday for the whole country and so we were able to take the day off work. Some friends an I decided to take this Adria's stat holiday and go up to Bamfield on a fun filled adventure. So this is why my daily posts came to a screeching halt for a few days. As promised I will return to my daily posts for the rest of April and i'll add extra tips and tricks in there for the ones I missed. Bamfield is a pretty special place for those of you who haven't been there. It is an old fishing community on the west coast of the island. I have been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time there over the years given my history with fishing and boat related jobs. But for many it's a place they never think to go. You can either drive a bumpy logging road for a few hours to get there or (the route we decided on) The Frances Barkley (boat). The Lady Rose Marine Services which now runs the Frances Barkley out of Port Alberni and up to Bamfield takes about 4 hours of lovely scenic passage up the Alberni inlet and into Barkley sound. The boat makes two stops this time of year at Kildonan (small village with post office) and Haggards cove (small village without post office). In the Summer the boat travels as far as Uclulet making one other stop at Sechart Lodge, where I once worked, adjacent to the Broken Group Islands.

The weather was amazing. I know, I know you can barely believe that April on the West Coast of Vancouver island could possibly be anything but rain. But alas we had glorious sunshine the whole time we were gone. We camped on the beach and kayaked around the shore line. We ate like kings and queens and we got in some serious relaxation. Well needed and deserved. It was a great little holiday and the best birthday to date.


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