Easter (almost) Surprise

Yesterday morning I woke up walked into the living room and my husband came walking inside, after his morning chicken chores, laughing. He then proceeds to explain to me that there is a bunny in our yard. No big surprise. #1 this is Victoria bunnies are everywhere. #2 we live on a farm in the Blenkinsop valley. There are all kinds of wild creatures around here. But this bunny is not wild. No this bunny is FEROCIOUS. Josh proceeds to explain to me that the bunny was chasing our cat. After the cat (Enoki) batted the bunny a few times the bunny went after her and she ran. TOO funny. So what did Josh do. He went up to the bunny picked it up and put it in our green house. Now what? We have a carnivorous bunny. I will post videos just as soon as I figure out how