Spring has Sprung

Some beautiful lilacs and amnemones from my garden to welcome back spring. Bring on the flowers.  My garden in starting to look more like a garden and less like a mud pit. Hooray.

Happy spring all

Spring 'was' in the air

Remember last weekend? There was sun, there were birds, I think I may have even broke out some sandals. Yes it was spring. It was amazing and apparently it was fleeting. However, in that fleeting moment of spring bliss last weekend I got out with one of my favorite families and took a few photos if not just to prove that the sun does exist. Here is a little sneak peek of my first spring shoot with Suzanne, Andrew and their beautiful daughter Kimowan. 


Wecome to my New Website

Welcome everyone to my new website. and to re-opening of Islandartiste Photography

Just in case I haven't already told you about what's going on in my life let me fill you in. March 17th 2012 was a pretty big day for my husband and I. Our lives as we know them changed forever. It was the day we welcomed our two beautiful little boys into the world. And so for almost a year now our lives have been quite busy taking care of these little guys. They are amazing, and gorgeous and I love them to bits. I can't even remember what life was like with out them.

This year has been a roller-coaster of emotions and sleep deprivation. However, we are over the hump and Islandartiste Photography is now officially back up and running and ready to capture your lives with amazing photography. We are marking the re-opening of the business with this great new website. Please let me know what you think and if you have any feed back I'd love to hear from you.

Here is a little picture of my gorgeous little boys. I look forward to hearing from you and making your photographic dreams come true


My twin boys

Baby on the way

  I truly love photographing pregnant women. They are one of my Fave subject matters. But this particular shoot was even better. Not only did I get to do a maternity shoot...but the client is an old friend of mine that I've known since high school. We grew up together and now I had the opportunity to document a very special time in her life as she becomes a mother. We had a great time together and made some truly beautiful photos. Stay tuned for the itty-bitty-baby photos...


Summer is here!

Well the weather has been a little bit here...and a little bit there... and well just not exactly super summerie. However, for me one of the true marks of summer is being able to go into my garden and return with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the table. So I'm ok with the clouds as long as I have my flowers. P.S.

if I don't get sunshine for this long weekend I want a full refund on summer!



Monday night I have a fun photo shoot with sisters Ashley and Jenny. Ashley and Jenny are two of my lovely neighbors and they were also lucky enough to have grown up on this beautiful farm. We had a great time running around in the fields and I even convinced Jenny to play her Violin for us. Although I think she felt a little 'put on the spot' Ranger (the dog) even managed to sneak in a couple of shots.


Wedding in the rain??? Oh no wait Sun....rain?

Yesterday was the wedding of Elisha and Steve. I have to say when I woke up yesterday morning I was just a wee bit worried about the weather. I was racking my brain for places that we could take beautiful wedding photos in POORING rain. Well just in time the rain subsided and the wedding commenced. The ceremony was beautiful and the bride and groom were adorable. They couldn't/wouldn't keep their hands off each other. We wound up at Sax Point in Victoria and took some amazing shots. The sun even made a couple of small yet beautiful appearances. Congrats Elisha and Steve

Here is a little sneak peak...

Fashion and abandoned houses?

Another wonderful photo shoot with my dear friend Vickie from Adventures in Fashion. Vickie's '24 for ever birthday' was this past weekend and reminded me that I still hadn't posted these shots. Vickie has an amazing fashion blog ( worth checking out if you haven't already). So when ever she is in town we do a photo shoot together with her latest fashion ensembles. Normally her in house photographer, aka her boyfriend, shoots all her posts. And I must say he does a fabulous job! We headed over to this little house on the east side of Mount Doug park. The house is a heritage home and is full of character. Needs a little TLC and it could be the cutest house. But it made a wonderful backdrop for our photo shoot. enjoy![simpleviewer gallery_id="18"]


Tonight just as Josh's aunt was leaving our back porch she said to remember to stop and smell the roses. Well I'm a landscaper. I smell roses all day long. Some how they have lost their appeal. But remember the meaning ( silli Adria). Don't forget to enjoy to simple things.

So this is me smelling the roses. These are the Echiveria on my porch. They are very photogenic. Enjoy!

Another lil' friend in the garden

A couple of weeks ago I finally assembled my little water/porch garden at home. A bought a few goldfish (half of which have died), potted up some plants and got my little fountain. It's all super cute. If you ever long for those beautiful water sculpture things and then look at the price and *gasp* DON'T. DIY! I have had this large pot of many years. I plugged the whole in the bottom with plastic wine corks and epoxy that i found in the garage (surprised the epoxy still works). Then I put a few rocks in the bottom. I bought the cool pottery ball with a hole it in for $20. I had a little pump that I rigged up into the whole. And Voila! Fabulous, not so expensive, water feature to bubble away on my deck and............

Attract more friends. This little froggie guy was just sitting in the water bubbles. Lapping it up.

Kate's Grad

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with a very sweet family on the occasion of their daughter's graduation from high school. Karen (the Mom) wanted to have some great shots to remember this special day. We had some fun, took some great pictures and weather held up. Even their dog Sophie got in on the action. Kate thought it was a little odd to have me following her around with my camera but she warmed up to the idea and we had some fun. Here are a few sneak peak shots from that shoot. enjoy...

Just a couple of fun Long weekend type pictures

This long weekend we decided not to go away. Instead we are catching up on chores and fun stuff like that. But today was for art. I went to the scattered artists tour with my momma and then I came home and wandered the yard with my camera. Ok Ok I did mow the lawn. [caption id="attachment_889" align="aligncenter" width="969" caption="a little windy makes for some fun with my camera"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_890" align="aligncenter" width="1024" caption="I love this tree. It's trying so hard to be big and strong"][/caption]


Tip #23 and #24 Baby and Maternity Photography

Tip #23 Post Production is no substitute for Skill. No matter how hard you try to jazz up a photo with computer programs if the photo is poor quality to begin with the end result will be BAD. Concentrate on honing your photo skills as you you take more and more and MORE photos of your wee one along the way. You should be a very proficient shutter bug with lots of practice chasing fast moving subjects.

I thought I would show some before and after shots to demonstrate some effective post processing effects.

[caption id="attachment_861" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Before"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_862" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="After"][/caption]

Tip #24 Black and White is a Classic.

One post production tool that always look classic is Black and White. Sepia is alright on occasion. Don't give into computer effect such as applying sunbursts or colored tints to a photo. I know it's fun. But in end you want a photo that stands the test of time and is a beautiful work of art.

Tip #21 and 22 Baby and Maternity photography

Tip #21

The best location for baby is usually one they are familiar with. Taking your baby to a studio is great and you will have beautiful shots (usually). However, it can sometimes be bit hard in a new environment and with a new person that they perhaps have never met. So having familiar items and people (mom and dad obviously) are important. And familiar locations are even better.

Fun with Bubble and Dribbles. This shot was taken in a studio. It took a little while to get Marley to warm up to the environment. Once I broke out the bubbles she was happy as can be. Copyright 2011 www.islandartiste.ca


Tip #22 Get everything ready ahead of time. If you are planning a little photo shoot yourself or with a photographer, and there are special things that you want, get it all out and ready at the beginning. This way you wont have to go searching for things while your little one holds that perfect pose.... oops gone. Yes it's true babies tend not to listen when you say "hold that pose right there" or "look up into this light while I adjust the shutter speed". This tip is especially true with regards to heating up the space you are planning to use. As I've mentioned before babies are happy when it's warm. So heat that space up ahead of time.

Tip#19 and Tip #20 Baby and Maternity Photography

Tip #19 Get those details. Babies have cute little feet, little hands little eyes, everything small and cute and it won't stay that way for long. Get as close as you can to your little one. If you camera has a macro setting now is the time to use it.

[caption id="attachment_855" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Cute little feet.photo by: Islandartiste Photography. Copyright 2010 www.islandartiste.ca"][/caption]

Tip #20 White Noise

Sometimes white noise can be a great asset to get babies to sleep. Especially because you (or your photographer) are making unusual noises and movements. What is white noise for your baby? Does your baby sleep well with nature sounds, recorded heartbeat or are a little Bob Marley. Most babies will fall asleep with some white noise and the heat up a little higher.

Bamfield Birthday

As some of you may already know it was my 30th birthday this past Friday. They declared it a holiday for the whole country and so we were able to take the day off work. Some friends an I decided to take this Adria's stat holiday and go up to Bamfield on a fun filled adventure. So this is why my daily posts came to a screeching halt for a few days. As promised I will return to my daily posts for the rest of April and i'll add extra tips and tricks in there for the ones I missed. Bamfield is a pretty special place for those of you who haven't been there. It is an old fishing community on the west coast of the island. I have been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time there over the years given my history with fishing and boat related jobs. But for many it's a place they never think to go. You can either drive a bumpy logging road for a few hours to get there or (the route we decided on) The Frances Barkley (boat). The Lady Rose Marine Services which now runs the Frances Barkley out of Port Alberni and up to Bamfield takes about 4 hours of lovely scenic passage up the Alberni inlet and into Barkley sound. The boat makes two stops this time of year at Kildonan (small village with post office) and Haggards cove (small village without post office). In the Summer the boat travels as far as Uclulet making one other stop at Sechart Lodge, where I once worked, adjacent to the Broken Group Islands.

The weather was amazing. I know, I know you can barely believe that April on the West Coast of Vancouver island could possibly be anything but rain. But alas we had glorious sunshine the whole time we were gone. We camped on the beach and kayaked around the shore line. We ate like kings and queens and we got in some serious relaxation. Well needed and deserved. It was a great little holiday and the best birthday to date.


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